SatsumaSendai Green Tourism Promotion Council Overview

Composed of organizations and individuals involved in tourism to Satsuma-Sendai city、Satsuma-Sendai city green-tourism promotion Council、受入re to improve the Bell、Mainly consists of the following are making efforts to。

Overview of the Organization

Name SatsumaSendai City Green Tourism Promotion Council
Representative President Yoshiteru Terada
Number of registered members 130

Main Activities

  • Acceptance of experiential learning in the school excursion
  • Peace of mind、To enhance aimed at ensuring safe food hygiene seminars、Ordinary life seminars
  • For receiving skill improvement training、Implementation of Advanced Earth observation, etc.
  • Development of the original menu using locally sourced.
  • And the receiving area information through brochures and websites、Introduction to case study
  • Guide to siding when receiving area and various types of counseling

Please feel free to contact us

Green tourism experience and educational travel experiences in the Satsuma-Sendai city、For information on the host region, etc.、Please feel free to consult your questions。

SatsumaSendai city Green Tourism Promotion Council Secretariat
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