Experience Program

Students experience landscape

present、In the Council of、Minpaku acceptance of the students to the main business。In the future、Actively pursuing individuals can green tourism experience to devising and menu development。

Educational travel

Minpaku incoming students are offered。The minpaku trainees、Students and their families as well as to、Experience in not only farming fun、Thoughts on the production side as well as to convey。

Educational trips flows(Example:12 days)

Opening ceremony in the receiving area In each home, activities etc. Bath (hot springs, etc.) Dinner (cooked together) Communicate with host family Going to bed

Wake-up and breakfast In each home, activities etc. Lunch Closing expression

Samurai Tourism

Japan green tourism experiences in the world!

The Samurai too rhythm experience overseas for Japan's traditions and culture、Also provide services such as green tourism experience, "iriki fumoto" old Samurai residences remains from the middle ages to the Satsuma-Sendai city。

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Green tourism experience and educational travel experiences in the Satsuma-Sendai city、For information on the host region, etc.、Please feel free to consult your questions。

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