It was introduced in "Potsun and one house"!

3In "Potsun and the House" which aired on May 21、A charcoal-grilled hut in the mountains of Kagoshima Prefecture was introduced.。 Here、The receiving family of the Uchi area block of this council is also using it as an experience venue。 Wouldn't it have been nostalgic if the children who had experienced it here had seen it?(*^^*) Current fiscal year、All applications have been cancelled at this council.、I miss everyone in the receiving family...

SatsumaSendai City Green Tourism Promotion Council

Reiwa in FY2010 have been cancelled.

About this year's educational trip (minpaku) business、Including students、Teachers、Receiving families、Results of the first consultation on the health and safety of each person concerned、The application will be suspended until the end of March 2021.。 Regarding the timing of the resumption of accepting、Scheduled for April 2021、It is a judgment while looking at the situation of the novel coronavirus infection。 With the end of the new coronavirus infection as soon as possible、Best wishing you all the best...

Acceptance of the yuan year has ended safely Reiwa

This year's acceptance of school excursion students、It's finished safely.。 This year,、517 school excursion students from 7 schools experienced a farm stay in the city.。 We have already decided to accept the next fiscal year.、Members of the family are looking forward to it from now on.。 来年度の受入でも学生の皆さんとの新たな出会いが楽しみです♪ 次の受入に向けて安心・安全な受入ができるよう研修会の実施も行ってまいります! …

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