Acceptance of the yuan year has ended safely Reiwa

This year's acceptance of school excursion students、It's finished safely.。 This year,、517 school excursion students from 7 schools experienced a farm stay in the city.。 We have already decided to accept the next fiscal year.、Members of the family are looking forward to it from now on.。 来年度の受入でも学生の皆さんとの新たな出会いが楽しみです♪ 次の受入に向けて安心・安全な受入ができるよう研修会の実施も行ってまいります! …

When cats I I bear ' market will be held at the Festival!

初開催のイベント『きゃんぱくまつり』に軽トラ市で参加することが決まりました! 荷台に野菜や果物、Regional sweets、Hits the truck carrying bamboo products, etc.。 Satsuma-Sendai city gourmet and experience in iriki fumoto Samurai residence group collection!! Now local delicacies of the topic "Let us no matter how DVD ' eaten in each store、Each area of the Satsuma-Sendai city(Sendai、Togo、Hiwaki、Iriki、Kedouin hospital)The light traffic city、For in the end.

Attended a herbal cooking class!

In mothers of farmhouse bed and breakfast、"Herb vigour and beauty '-participated in healthy cooking drugs 草b parents。 Where is it、食・農・人総合研究所 リュウキンカの郷(薩摩川内市より片道約2時間) 今回は、Cultivation and protection of medicinal plants、The medication 草ba now active in Japan as a world leader in the development and dissemination of culinary herbs with medicinal plants and products、Miyanaga mass child going there was a lecturer。 First、…

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