Satsunai Dai Agricultural Connection Report "Bar Han & Kinkan Daifuku Making (Cow Tour)"

This will be the seventh time the event has been held this year、Satsunai Dai Agricultural Rim,

"Bar Han & Kinkan Daifuku Making (Cow Tour)" was held at Kyoin。


What is "Bar Han"?

In general, it's about wild vegetables、It is called "Bahan" in the Gyeongin area。

It is said that it was the best hospitality when glutinous rice was a feast。

In the past, they used to give them out when neighbors came to help them with rice planting and harvesting.。



Kinkan, a specialty of Kigakuin, has large grains.、The feature is that the skin can be eaten whole.。

It is a fruit that is rich in vitamins and is recommended for the prevention of colds。

This time raw and boiled honeydew、2We will make a kind of kinkan daifuku。


Let's start cooking by cutting the ingredients for the bar han and pork soup!

Everyone will proceed with the cooking skillfully。

Stew while tasting the ingredients of the bar han。It already smells delicious!

While cooking the bahan, make kinkan daifuku。

Everyone is crazy about picking the seeds of kinkan!

With this effort, you can eat even more delicious daifuku after this。

Wrap the kinkan in white bean paste、We will wrap it in more skin。

It will be completed in no time with everyone's skillful cooking!

The food we cooked ourselves was very tasty、It was a great success with refills。

After lunch and playing bamboo curling、To see the cows。

There are many cows, from newborn calves to large cows weighing over 300 kg, and the children are delighted。

From the participants

We received happy comments such as "I'm glad I was able to learn about the origin of the barhan" and "It's fun because I can do things that I can't usually do"。


Taking advantage of the regional characteristics of the temple、I was able to enjoy food and nature。


Stay tuned for the next installment!

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