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There is going to prepare in advance?

In the farm stay、If you have household goods such as towels and toothbrushes。Also、Hands-on activities are、Easy-to-wear clothes、We recommend you to experience in the dirty clothes。For more information about、Please contact the Secretariat.。

What is the system against unexpected illness or accident?

While safety management program to ensure acceptance Association、Has been a local leader of the incident response training。Also、Emergency contact (hospitals, police and fire)、Promote cooperation with other concerned bodies, the quick response。Other、Council on its own, to conduct workshops、Each home is equipped with emergency first aid kits、Respond quickly to the initial first aid。

No home stay in the farm stay?

Amount is "owned by agriculture, forestry and fishing House Bed and breakfast"。Small group billed to base、Direct contact with the host family to cherish。One family on survivors accepted knowledge, and health and safety、Please be assured training through seminars in the region。

How do I book?

present、For school students、NPO eco-link Association is coordinated。Interested in、Once、Please contact the Council Secretariat。Consulting and coordinating agency、We can adjust how to proceed in the future。

Please feel free to contact us

Green tourism experience and educational travel experiences in the Satsuma-Sendai city、For information on the host region, etc.、Please feel free to consult your questions。

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