Charm of SatsumaSendai

History, scenery and spas you can enjoy balanced town SatsumaSendai city

SatsumaSendai city(Is not garnishing's and)The、Southwest of Kyushu、Located in the northwestern part of Kagoshima Prefecture.、Mainland area、On the koshiki-jima Island、In koshiki island、Consists in koshiki Island area consisting of under the koshiki-jima Island。

Circumference varied facing the East China Sea coastline、River flows leisurely city of Sendai River、The Imuta pond green lush mountains and Lakes、Changes of beautiful koshiki-jima Island、Iriki fumoto Samurai residence group splendour in the middle ages、Also, around the hot springs etc.、Has a variety of natural environments and cultural history。

City data

Northwestern part of Kagoshima Prefecture
Total land area
683.50km2 (Mainland 564.75 km2 / koshikijima 118.75 km2)
Total population
100,553People(10/1/2011 current)
Number of households
45,971Household(10/1/2011 current)


Satoyama landscape

Imuta pond for beccoutombo in endangered species of wild flora and fauna and waterfowl inhabit wetlands registered as Ramsar sites in 2005(Eimu taike)And was chosen one of the best terraces in Japan in ashio, terraced rice fields and terraces、Creating a countryside landscape filled with tranquility。


Koshiki-jima Island remains untouched nature(-Koshiki-jima)

Sea Cliff is magnificent、Unique Lakes、Polo shirt with Yuri wilderness、Lush Evergreen broad-leaved forests and、Blessed with the natural landscape not seen in other。In the thriving Island kibinago fishing with fishing、Is rich in fish and shellfish。


Plant Biol.

Beccoutombo supplied to domestic endangered species of wild flora and fauna inhabited stable Imuta pond。Native and koshiki-jima Island、Has a natural environment suitable for the growth of plants, such as Egyptian island of pink dye and biological。


History and culture

The Satsuma-Sendai city、Such as Satsuma nationalist government (the Satsuma country office) is placed in 702 (Asuka period)、From the old South has played a role as a center of Kyushu's political。Also、Important traditional building preservation area in the country in iriki fumoto traditional building group preservation area、Include the old Masuda residence was designated as a cultural property of the country、In this historic area。

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