Farmer's Voice

In the Council of、Kansai / Chugoku junior high school student from 0/2009、High school students mainly conducts minpaku acceptance of students。The minpaku trainees、Students and their families as well as to、Experience in not only farming fun、Thoughts on the production side as well as to convey。
In the spring of、And planted seeds of crops such as、Do the activities with the hope to be able to harvest。In the fall of、Conducts activities such as harvesting while feeling the pleasure that can be harvested。
Other、Pizza-making, regional education、Nature of the Satsuma-Sendai city, offers a menu using the history, culture, food and industry。

Farmer's Voice

Sendai block

濱田 茂(Mr.Shigeru Hamada)

40 years Buri、Children's voice came back to the countryside。Hiking Middle、Is rarely nature with urban children、The surprise even of Tanna japonensis。Also、The charcoal making experience in children's faces、It is very fun。Thanks to encounters with green tourism、Thanks。From this meeting new people looking forward to green tourism activities would like to challenge.。

Experience details Healing shiihara forest walks、To provide charcoal making

Hiwaki block

光桑野 茂(Mr.Shigeru Kokuwano)

The nervous kid who came for the first time face、Both bath and meal and、Each farm experience、"Also in the dude 's" leave off loneliness、Surely true parents are talking about problem of memories received words of appreciation from the parent。Looking forward to reunion with grown children.。

Experience details Rice、Asparagus、Ishigama bakery & pizza、Miso making、Suites make offer

Iriki block

坂口 睦徳(Mr. Mutsunori Sakaguchi)

To their ancestors ' family has been increased.。"In acceptance begins。When he was nervous out smiling。To change facial expression。Natural body with hands-on activities with children。Working silently weeping sweat shines in the sunset。Moment of togetherness in mind、Also send a bus and come, shake hands。

Experience details Soba、Vegetable seed sowing、Planting rice seeds、Rice harvesting treatments

Kedouin hospital block

谷山 隆信(Mr.Takanobu Taniyama)

Start accepting, is five years.、Courtesy correctly bright children、Pleased with married couples。Contacts for less.、Health can be useful and can absorb the youth。Also、Because it's the homestay experience agriculture、Has become a farming leader encouraging。
Continue the circle of acceptance and harmony spread、I would like to continue the good acceptance。

Experience details Take care of the cattle and feed planting、Provided, such as digging for potatoes

Farmhouse bed and breakfast

Farm Lodge Hamada / Mr.Kyohei Hamada , Mrs.Itsuko Hamada

Farm stay can stay in cottages were in the dream of Hamada's own (like Canada)。Hamada's and get a hunting license、Game dishes such as wild boar and duck's Inn features。Around the houses on farms also have、Growing fruits and vegetables。Going to make pizza kiln and open-air baths in the future。

A farm stay fun for the first time

Students will tend to、After an appearance on Asahi TV paradise life、You've more inquiries from the general public。Also、Satsuma Sendai city who went to work in the urban areas during the homecoming stop、Also、But people who already are parents not home、I'm glad that thoughts do not stay to me like second home。
As a memorable、Folded after their stay in the female high school students in Kyoto、Help me to Active、Life training his students to talk to that was very impressed。The story of、Students return home、Communicating the words of gratitude to parents、That made me seriously about my future、And I was really impressed。
Students、From the general public at a later date.、Many letters of thanks and please contact us、The other day I see come because I heard the staff stayed at their children's family、You want to stay "that was a customer's。

Farm lodge Hamada
Kagoshima Prefecture, Satsuma Sendai-shi Togo-Cho onobuchi 1033
1Night 2 meals 6500 yen (elementary school, 4000 yen)

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