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Green tourism。It's、Nature of the rural communities、While enjoying the culture、Travel to enjoy interacting with people。

About Green Tourism

Green tourism、Nature in the mountanious village region、Culture、Residential exchanges with people who enjoy leisure activities。
In the European、Holiday vacation, staying in rural areas that is widely。Rural tourism in the United Kingdom、Green tourism、In France known as the tourism veil (the Green journey)。

Principles of green tourism of SatsumaSendai city

Spacious new traverse urban and rural lifestyle、People who live in cities and their rural attractiveness of the region for each other to share、"People、What、Information "of the effort to vigorously back and forth。
In the Council、Nature in the Satsuma-Sendai city、Culture、Through the rural areas, etc.、Promoting experience exchanges, etc.、Revitalization of local areas with、To promote increased consumption of agricultural and animal husbandry products, strives to promote local industry。

Message from the President

President Terada Yoshiteru

SatsumaSendai City Green Tourism Promotion Council
President Terada Yoshiteru

Encounter is a lifelong treasure.

"Now、Want to accept students ' of was invited by、The first green tourism activities。
At home in the hilly countryside of the Sendai River、Pizza kiln built in incorporating seasonal experience Center、I enjoy nature will stimulate the senses in bamboo mountain, Garden, fruit trees, etc.。
Experience Center、Though the children!
Committed to children can be like "experience Center"。Plus sea、Mountain、River、Sky will have even greater power... of Satsuma-Sendai city rich in beautiful nature。
(For young people in urban areas、Streetlight is not true I was moved even on dark country roads! ) Per night、2Short meeting that night and up.、With the help of this wonderful natural、Both students and families together、New discovery、Wisdom and insight、Smiles and tears are touching、Where you will find the、Green tourism activities。Through this activity、Find the treasure of a lifetime together?。I'm looking forward to seeing you.。

Please feel free to contact us

Green tourism experience and educational travel experiences in the Satsuma-Sendai city、For information on the host region, etc.、Please feel free to consult your questions。

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