Sweet potato farming report "Sticky potato making & baked sweet potato making (sweet potato digging experience)"

Reiwa 5th year Satsunai Agricultural Relationship、5This will be the first time the event has been held、

"Sticky potato making & baked sweet potato making (sweet potato digging experience)" was held in Togo。

At the time of planning the program、I was worried about whether I would be able to dig potatoes.、

There are a lot of potatoes that are just the right size.、Start with a potato digging experience!

Lots of big potatoes! Parents and children enjoyed it。

in a hurry、I was also allowed to dig radishes!

Harvested a splendid large radish。

Continuing、Making baked sweet potatoes。

Wrap it in newspaper and aluminum foil and prepare it yourself!

Continuing、Gane making。Peel the potatoes、Off。

We will fry the kernels in oil。

Continuing、Sticky making。

Some of the children saw the steamer for the first time!

A good smell ♪ that you want to eat right now

Mix soybean flour and sugar、I'm going to cut it up。

When you're ready、The long-awaited lunch time ♪

It's special ♪ to eat the food you made together outside

"Digging potatoes and harvesting radishes was fun" and "Cooking outside was fun"

I received such a happy impression。


Stay tuned for the next installment!

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