Satsunai Dai Agricultural Connection Report "Tokoroten Making & Photo Frame Making"

The third holding of the Reiwa 5th year Satsunai Agricultural Enen、

"Tokoroten making & photo frame making" was carried out in the west。


First of all, make a photo frame!

Star-shaped and heart-shaped、Choose one of your favorite ones、

Choose your favorite color and color it ♪

Each of them was arranged in a pattern that I liked!

While drying the photo frame、Start making tokoroten!

While listening to the teacher's explanation、We worked together to make it。

While making tokoroten, the staff cooked grilled chicken!

It smells ♪ delicious

When we made it together, it didn't solidify yet.、

Taste what the teacher made in advance!

It was very tasty。

The tokoroten made by everyone is chilled and taken home ♪

"It was fun to make tokoroten for the first time", "I want to take the recipe home and make it at home", etc.

We received a lot of happy feedback。


Stay tuned for the next installment!

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