Satsunaidai Agricultural Connection Report "Shimenawa Making & Soba Pounding Experience"

Reiwa 5th year Satsunai Agricultural Relationship、6Held for the first time、

"Shimenawa making & soba noodle making experience" was held at Irai。


First of all, soba noodle making experience。

Both children and adults are curious about the first soba noodle making experience。

Listen carefully to the teacher before starting cooking!

Sift the powder、I'm going to knead it。

Under the guidance of a teacher、Roll out the dough。


The soba noodles made with the cooperation of everyone turned out ♪ very delicious

Continuing、Shimenawa making。

I make it while teaching the teacher how to knead it.、This is very difficult!

This time, I experienced how to knead.、

The shimenawa was prepared for me to take home。

"It was fun to make soba noodles", "It was difficult to make shimenawa", etc.

We received a variety of feedback。


Making soba noodles and shimenawa、

You can have an experience worthy of the end of the year.、It looks like you're going to have a safe start to the new year!


Stay tuned for the next installment!

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