Attended a herbal cooking class!

In mothers of farmhouse bed and breakfast、"Herb vigour and beauty '-participated in healthy cooking drugs 草b parents。 Where is it、食・農・人総合研究所 リュウキンカの郷(薩摩川内市より片道約2時間) 今回は、Cultivation and protection of medicinal plants、The medication 草ba now active in Japan as a world leader in the development and dissemination of culinary herbs with medicinal plants and products、Miyanaga mass child going there was a lecturer。 First、…

Farmhouse bed and breakfast opening lectures were held.

Invited lecturer at the Kanoya City tourism association uezono Noboru、Farmhouse bed and breakfast practice seminar held。 First、Basic knowledge of the farmers。 First place and the farm bed and breakfast? The process of opening、農家民宿Q&Aなどなど 次に法令について 最後に、That was a question and answer session、You know lecturer was besieged with questions。 No matter how detailed questions、The Executive floor。 …

Thank you for your letter arrived one after another!

More students who come to the farm stay in the Satsuma-Sendai city、Thank you for your letter arrives and。 Your host family、Look at this letter than anything else exciting in、Read this letter、On the encouragement of the acceptance of the following。 Green tourism experience and educational travel experiences in the Satsuma-Sendai city、For information on the host region, etc.、Please feel free to contact。 Satsuma-Sendai city green tourism promotion.

Trial plan is rich!

Field trips students this year is the beginning.、Secretariat carries out families traveling to check receipt status。 【しいたけの菌打ち】 【バームクーヘン作り】 【たけのこ堀り体験】 【野菜の苗植え】 この他、Pizza making experience、Harvest of vegetables、Regional cuisine and traditional pastry making、Experience thinning flower vine、Vegetables shipping activities、Explore the area、Take care of the cows, etc。 It is rich in experience plan according to the season.

© Green Tourism of Satsuma-Sendai city。It's、Nature of the rural communities、While enjoying the culture、Travel to enjoy interacting with people
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