10Long-cherished dream! Pizza kiln finished! -Farm lodge Hamada-

In the Satsuma-Sendai city green-tourism promotion Committee members、 Kyohei his running farmers 'farm lodge Hamada.。 From the daily、 「男はロマン!」 が口癖で、After leaving for work in the Kanto region、And returned home as a u-turn、地元東郷町にログハウスの自 宅を建築されました。 Up to now、In the management of hobby farming and farmers、Also guests from abroad、 The day...

Traditional pastry making gakya I decided to give program!

Satsuma-Sendai city green tourism promotion Council Member who becomes a teacher、薩摩川内市体験型旅プログラム『きゃんぱく』での郷土菓子作りの開催が決定しました! 打合せのため、To the sunshine of nagatoshi。Should be meeting only、On the day of、To actually make the local sweets, waiting for us。 Is delicious too how local sweets.。 Take this opportunity to、Satsuma local sweets,...

© Green Tourism of Satsuma-Sendai city。It's、Nature of the rural communities、While enjoying the culture、Travel to enjoy interacting with people
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