When cats I I bear ' market will be held at the Festival!

Inaugural event "when cats I I bear Festival ' to decided to participate in the city of light traffic!

On vegetables and fruits、Regional sweets、Hits the truck carrying bamboo products, etc.。

Satsuma-Sendai city gourmet and experience in iriki fumoto Samurai residence group collection!!

Now local delicacies of the topic "Let us no matter how DVD ' eaten in each store、Each area of the Satsuma-Sendai city(Sendai、Togo、Hiwaki、Iriki、Kedouin hospital)The light traffic city、On the behavior of the rice-cakes、And the local high school band, five drums playing and enjoy a day with。

Also、No WINS at the venue with Lottery "tsunku up stamp look" also held。
Ladies and gentlemen,、1August 14(Day)The fun in iriki fumoto Samurai residence group!。

© Green Tourism of Satsuma-Sendai city。It's、Nature of the rural communities、While enjoying the culture、Travel to enjoy interacting with people
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