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When cats I I bear ' market will be held at the Festival!

初開催のイベント『きゃんぱくまつり』に軽トラ市で参加することが決まりました! 荷台に野菜や果物、Regional sweets、Hits the truck carrying bamboo products, etc.。 Satsuma-Sendai city gourmet and experience in iriki fumoto Samurai residence group collection!! Now local delicacies of the topic "Let us no matter how DVD ' eaten in each store、Each area of the Satsuma-Sendai city(Sendai、Togo、Hiwaki、Iriki、Kedouin hospital)The light traffic city、For in the end.


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High school students in Niigata Prefecture has guesthouses to Satsuma-Sendai city

This time、Guesthouses Niigata high school students came to the Satsuma-Sendai city。On this day、That was a cold day so Satsuma-Sendai city、Was the experience well outside。 The experience of the day、Harvest leaf mustard and leaf mustard pickle making。 The pickled of potherb mustard、Wanted to place mustard leaves、 In your home,、It seems now a salted。Students also are interested in inquiring。 After the trial、SATB.

When cats I held cooking classes make programmatically turned sour in the dish (chuzara)

In the Satsuma-Sendai city experience-based professional g official guidebook "when cats I pulled" to、We held our Council-sponsored programs。 1 "in plate (chuzara) to make" "plate (chura and even" and is "medium plates" means。Simmered chicken and vegetables simmered in dashi kombu and shiitake broth stir on medium plate by 1。 This cooking class has two members become instructor、Satsuma River 内chi wars.