Held over the host family!

It was very popular last year、Held a seminar on Satsuma River in the city of the host families。
Last year、For many participants、Two small buses demawarimashita。

First、Azalea garden tour、Azalea in full bloom is may、Students come to full bloom time
We bring here is receiving home。This time、Old fashioned threshing machine gave exhibits。

Tea time with local hospitality

Moves to place incoming and、Not komochi made。Mix powder、Pour into a container、Just wait for the set after。Taste was excellent。

Lunch、We have fresh rainbow trout。

In the afternoon、We visited home 2。
So far in advanced ground training、But outside the Prefecture went to training、In fact、By surrounding the home in the Council、Can be obtained
It turned out that many。
"To.、So how do I "or、"There is such a way?" and the voice there was。
One of the training to continue now, you want to make。

© Green Tourism of Satsuma-Sendai city。It's、Nature of the rural communities、While enjoying the culture、Travel to enjoy interacting with people
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