I participated in "Kyanpaku" as a program implementer (3)

Satsumasennai City Expedi experience-based travel program "Kyanpaku"、Participate as a program implementer、"Challenge day camp" of Uchi area block! ~Harvest seasonal summer vegetables and have a handmade lunch~" was held!

The start of the day camp starts with a harvest of vegetables topped with ♪
Kids put scissors in a little nervous feeling、I harvested various kinds of vegetables.。
Pizza is handmade from dough o(^▽^)o While waiting for fermentation、I made my own cup and chopsticks with bamboo.。
We molded the pizza dough after fermentation by ourselves.、Topped with ingredients to your ♪
Everyone was impressed by the baked pizza.(≧∇≦)B
Not just for children.、We received happy words from adult participants, "It was a good time"、It was a program full of sense of fullness for the receiving families.(*^_^*)
I think it was a good opportunity to get to know the activities of green tourism through the experience.。

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