Making Bahan / Kinkan Daifuku (Feeding Cows)

*This is an excerpt video of the "Nouen" program conducted in the past.。This is not the implementation content of this program.。

Number of tickets
  • 体験料バーハン(おこわ)作り/きんかん大福 (牛のえさやり)(残り 9席)
fee/People ¥2,500 (per person over 4 years old)
What's included in the price 体験・昼食(バーハン・きんかん大福・豚汁)
Date & Time 2024January 21 -(Sun) 10:00 - 13:00
Start of application 2023May 22 -(March) 09:00
Application Deadline 2024年1月16日(fire)
Capacity/People 20
Minimum number of operations/People 10
Conditions for Participation 4歳以上 / 大人だけの申込も可能ですお子様が参加する場合は親子での申込をお願いします
Meeting place 大村地区コミュニティセンター(薩摩川内市祁答院町下手2396-1)(Google Maps
服装・持ち物 Easy-to-wear clothes、飲み物
Implementer 大村地区コミュニティセンター
How to pay Please pay locally on the day。
  • For seasonal experiences、Experience details、There may be some changes to the lunch content。
  • Depending on the situation of the new coronavirus infection、There is a possibility that it will be canceled or postponed。

Measures to prevent new coronavirus infection

Participation in the event、When [Infectious Disease Countermeasures] are taken、Thank you for your cooperation in the following four items.。

  1. Wearing a mask
  2. Hand washing and hand sanitizer
  3. Those who have cold symptoms such as fever (37.5 degrees Celsius or higher) or cough should refrain from participating.
  4. Social distancing

Cancellation Policy

■Contact for cancellation
After application、If you wish to cancel for unavoidable reasons, please contact the following.。
telephone number:0996-25-1140(10 o'clock~ 16 Closed on Sundays and holidays)

■Cancellation Policy
If you wish to cancel an event you have applied for,、A cancellation fee will be incurred based on our cancellation policy.。Please be sure to check before applying。

Cancellation Fee

  • Non-attendance without notice:100% of the event fee
  • On the day of the event:50% of the event fee
  • The day before the event:40% of the event fee
  • 3 days before the event:30% of the event fee

Application Form

Ticket Type Price Spaces
体験料:Making Bahan / Kinkan Daifuku (Feeding Cows) ¥2,500

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