Minamishimabara City went to advanced ground training。

In the farmhouse bed and breakfast Division of this Council、I went to the developed area (South Shimabara City) training。 In the weather、Shimabara Outport ferry canceled morning flights from Kumamoto port。 Shipping we ship also temporary、Driving was postponed、Manage operation and resume、Able to cross on the ship as planned。 And、When I arrived at the Shimabara Outport、I was fine! This training course was a farm stay、Sunny.

Have successfully completed the acceptance of this year!

Also this year school trip students、Without a major accident was successfully completed。 This year、Previous fiscal year、Late match 9、1,236 field trips students city consisted of agricultural, forestry and fishermen's experience。 He received home、"Is the acceptance of the following? "And always been looking forward to receiving。 また来年度の受入でどんな出会いがあるか楽しみです!! 来年度の受入に向けて、That conduct, training, etc.、Peace of mind.

It was held emergency food making experience course!

The other day、非常食作り体験講座を開催しました! 講師には、We invited three members of the Chiran Green Tourism Council.。 Calbee's potatoes.、Just a little bit of a little bit of it.、Turn into potato salad and soup。 Besides、With dry bread、I made an egg binding of dry bread.。 More than expected.、It's a delicious lunch.、The participants seemed to be very satisfied.。 This training focused on women.、…

Advanced area Makurazaki went to in training!

I went to Makurazaki City for advanced land training.。 Makurazaki Freezer、After a tour of the remaining processing plant、 With the Makurazaki Green Tourism Council、We cooked together.。 Start ingats from bonito soup stock、Making bonito tataki、I made a shipman's rice.。 After lunch、Divided into groups、Issues and initiatives in each district、 There is a green tourism acceptance time about a certain ... Opinions that talk about such ...

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