2 farmhouse bed and breakfast opening lectures were held.

As last year、Invited lecturer at the Kanoya City tourism association uezono said、2 farmhouse bed and breakfast opening lectures were held。 First、In the previous review、After that、Learn how to write the application documents to be submitted to the health center。 Their、Whats the check instructor in advance prepared drawings and floor plans。 Check must be done before the opening。 Uezono, lecturer of the kind、The location is nice.

High school students in Niigata Prefecture has guesthouses to Satsuma-Sendai city

This time、Guesthouses Niigata high school students came to the Satsuma-Sendai city。On this day、That was a cold day so Satsuma-Sendai city、Was the experience well outside。 The experience of the day、Harvest leaf mustard and leaf mustard pickle making。 The pickled of potherb mustard、Wanted to place mustard leaves、 In your home,、It seems now a salted。Students also are interested in inquiring。 After the trial、SATB.

When cats I held cooking classes make programmatically turned sour in the dish (chuzara)

In the Satsuma-Sendai city experience-based professional g official guidebook "when cats I pulled" to、We held our Council-sponsored programs。 1 "in plate (chuzara) to make" "plate (chura and even" and is "medium plates" means。Simmered chicken and vegetables simmered in dashi kombu and shiitake broth stir on medium plate by 1。 This cooking class has two members become instructor、Satsuma River 内chi wars.

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