I participated in "Kyanpaku" as a program implementer (2)

Satsumasennai City Expedi experience-based travel program "Kyanpaku"、Participate as a program implementer、"River play in nature" of Togo area block、釣り体験とそうめん流し」を開催しました! 西川内地区の竹を使用して竹とんぼと水鉄砲を親子で作りました♬ ベテランの先生方に指導してもらいながら立派な作品が出来上がっていましたよ♬ 作った後はさっそく遊び、With a water gun, it is easy to play with water ...

I participated in "Kyanpaku" as a program implementer (1)

Satsumasennai City Expedi experience-based travel program "Kyanpaku"、Participate as a program implementer、川内地域ブロックの「西方の自然を大満喫プラン!流木を使った木工作品づくり&BBQ」を開催しました! 友人ご家族でご参加された方も多く親子で熱心に作品づくりされていました! 作品を作り終えた後はお楽しみのBBQ食後にはスイカ割りを楽しまれました♬ 参加者の皆さま…

Satsumasendai City's Charm Rediscovery Workshop was held.

On March 23rd、Satsumasendai City's Charm Rediscovery Workshop was held.。 This time, it is a study group about "energy" which is one of the charms of Satsumakawauchi City.。 Get a detailed explanation from the guide、The facilities that i was used to seeing seemed to be more familiar.。 The members seemed to be confident that they would be able to explain to the students who came to Satsumasendai City at the time of future acceptance.。…

Traffic safety seminar was held.

This year, we invited lecturers from Satsuma Kawauchi Police Station to hold a traffic safety seminar.。 When I asked him about the specific examples of the accident,、I understand the importance of observing traffic rules again.。 Of course, when receiving、I was able to hear stories that are useful for everyday life.。 All the members who attended were listening to the story seriously.。 In order to continue to provide safe and secure acceptance, the Council will continue to provide training sessions.

I participated in the Riverfront Marche.

On November 10、川内川河川敷にて開催されたリバーフロントマルシェに 当協議会の川内・樋脇・東郷・入来・祁答院の各ブロック1台ずつ「軽トラ市」で 参加させていただきました。 We were blessed with good weather and many visitors came.。 Members for this day、Processed products of agricultural products and local ingredients、工芸品などを たくさん用意されていました。 The sales are...

We held a life-saving workshop.

We held a life-saving workshop.。 This time、Invited lecturers from Satsuma Kawauchi City Fire Department、It was divided into three venues: Kawauchi, Kuwawaki, and Tsuji-in.。 to be able to respond with confidence in times of emergency.、Everyone is serious.。 Not only at the time of receipt、It takes a lot of courage to actually act on a quick decision in your daily life, doesn't it?。 In this workshop, I think I've gained confidence in the event of an emergency.

Member Exchange Ground Golf Tournament was held.

9Annual member exchange grand golf tournament was held。 The day that was originally planned was postponed due to heavy rain.、It was held safely the other day.。 53 people, from their 60s to 80s, participated in the event and were happy and worried about the whereabouts of the ball.、Played in a friendly atmosphere。 2 Games Played、ホールインワンが9名出ました! 団体の部優勝や準優勝、Men's Championship、Women's Championship、Soss...

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